Draw IV

December 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Draw IV was the fourth in a series of exhibitions that focused on the medium of drawing. These exhibitions were started up four years ago, and are the brainchild of Sophie Oiseau and myself while still back at art school. The aim of the exhibition is to open up discussion between like-minded people and their drawing practices; as well as engage the wider community. I’ve always believed that drawings have their own purpose, that is sometimes completely autonomous, and can be other than a preparatory sketch for something else. Drawing takes many guises and can utilise many different techniques, and this was something we were very interested in exploring. Every year Sophie and I asked a variety of people if they would like to be involved and published a catalogue to accompany each exhibition, and perhaps continue the discussion long after the exhibition’s short lifespan (and sometimes, the lifespan of an exhibition was very short. The first two Draw exhibitions, held at the now-defunct Cross Street Studios, were only a week in duration).

In 2010, the fourth exhibition, was held at the High Seas in Beresford Square. This was great, as Sophie was running the gallery. I was also in charge of designing and printing the catalogue to accompany the exhibition. Instead of a straightforward biography on each artist involved, we thought up five questions to ask each artist about why they choose to draw, what compels them to draw, who their influences are and what materials they use. How each artist chose to answer each question was entirely up to them.

This is the catalogue:

Front and back cover; cover illustration by Bonnie Crickett

Jerome Bihan

Boe Busch

Emily Cater

Bonnie Crickett

Chris Cudby

Damian Golfinopoulos

Sophie Oiseau

Aleksandra Petrovic

Dylan Scott

Miss Mica Still

Nikolai Zhivago-Clark

And here is my drawing contribution to the exhibition:

Untitled (Search and Destroy) (2010), pen, ink and pencil on paper, 330mm H x 250mm W

All images Copyright 2017, Aleksandra Petrovic


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