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Recently I was invited to contribute work towards an exhibition centered around fairy tale discourse. The concept sounded great, and it was an opportunity to create site specific works, which will be part of an immersive, all encompassing environment, together with other artists.

The exhibition is titled Blank, held at In House Creative Projects, Number 4 Cross Street, in Newton. The opening, coming up on Friday the 13th April, should be a busy evening, with bands and performances occurring alongside the artworks on the walls.

‘If one could free their childhood imagination it would be represented by Blank, both as a conveyance of what was imagined in their childhood as well as what they imagined their childhood to be like.

An extravaganza of installation, performance, fashion and visual art, Blank explores fairytales and childhood figures, trapped in a time-warp for your retrospective pleasure.’

Artists included in the exhibition are: Erin Forsyth, Kate Barnett, Aleksandra Petrovic, Claire Mahoney, Maude Mathieu, Cleo Barnett, Jackson Roy and Emma Gleason.

As an exciting starting point, the following photo was the ‘canvas’.

The work was interactive, I was providing the line drawings for others to colour in, annotate, add to, decorate and play with as they pleased. It followed the immersive nature of the overall exhibition; engaging the audience in the work before them, as well as the ideas behind the exhibition.

The work I created covered an entire wall, which itself was covered in cardboard. Some of the cardboard flaps weren’t nailed to the wall, so I utilised them by creating drawings within drawings, and fun little nooks and areas of visual interest.

Upon entry, guests were allowed to take colouring in materials and add to the work as they wished. Below are some photos of some of the additions, as well as the people who did them.

Photos courtesy of In House Creative Projects and Miranda Grimmer

Photos courtesy of In House Creative Projects and Lauren Flaherty

James Anderson, one of the talented creatives associated with In House, created the following video documenting the exhibition as a whole, as well as the audience’s interaction with my work.

Video courtesy of In House Creative Projects and James Anderson

All images Copyright 2017, Aleksandra Petrovic


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