Share the Pleasure….

July 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Untitled (Share the Pleasure) (2012), pen ink and pencil on paper, 915mm H x 610mm W

Creating an artwork in response to a brief can be a challenge. Even being given free reign on the creative project at hand can lead to a metal block in terms of the possibilities of what one can do. Sometimes, though, being given free reign and just a tagline to respond to can ignite a renewed vigour in the creative process.

This happened recently; I was asked to create a work for Kronenbourg, in response to the taglline “Share the Pleasure”. An idea that had been floating around in my head for some time suddenly seemed perfect for this project. I searched the internet for visual references, spent sleepless nights fussing over colour combinations and loved every second of it.

The concept of ‘Share the Pleasure’ was interpreted, perhaps in a more literal sense, by depicting a house being overrun by a an army of boys eager to get inside and share in the delights that await them inside. The scene itself is open to interpretation as to the enigmatic spoils hidden inside, but the cooperation and teamwork of the characters hints to the future sharing in the delights of their effort.

I was also interviewed for the project, discussing my idea and being filmed working on my drawing. I’m not entirely certain of how photogenic the work was at the time, as I had the sheet filled with grid lines for the house, and no colour or ink detail at all, but I’ll post the finished video anyway, and people can decide for themselves.

My work, as well as the work of five others, will be on display for the month of July, at selected locations, namely drinking establishments associated with Kronenbourg. The work above has been installed in Pastis, the French Bar and Restaurant, and everyone is welcome to go in and view it. Below is a photograph of the work installed:

All images Copyright 2017, Aleksandra Petrovic


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