Kitchen Exhibition….

August 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Untitled (Mannequin and Businessman), (2008), pen, ink and pencil on paper, 250mm H x 200mm W

This is a small drawing from 2008 that I decided to include in a group exhibition at Method and Manners Studios. The exhibition was tentatively titled, ‘Kitchen Exhibition’, since the exhibition space was the communal kitchen space tucked away in the rear of the building. The front of the building houses artists’ studios, and it was a good showcase of the work of both past and present artists who have had their studios in the building, as well as friends of the artists and the studios. I fall into the last category, being a friend of the artists who have had studios there in the past and a friend of those who are occupying Method and Manners studios currently.

Method and Manners Studios Co. Ltd is a professional studio space, established in late 2009 by Christopher Washer, Alexander Hoyles, Leah and Erin Forsyth. Leah and Erin Forsyth, who comprise the creative duo The Busy Nice, have regularly invited me over the years to participate in their projects and exhibitions. More information on these past events, can be found on this site. Since the studios’ inception, Leah and Alexander have left, but the objectives of the studios have remained consistent in carrying on a local tradition of the surrounding area, supporting and housing creative endeavours.

The kitchen space at the rear of the building has been renovated and upgraded so that the building can also include a gallery space open to the public and a shift in management and administration. The artworks exhibited were modest in scale, and most were works on paper. Their diminutive scale didn’t diminish how great they looked exhibited together on the wall, and created an intimate setting which echoed nicely the purpose of the building.

Other artists in the exhibition include Aaron king-Cole, Imogen Taylor, Natasha Cantwell, Anna Rankin, Erin Forsyth, Kate Barnett, Jo Galvin, Paul Stothers, Luke Florian and Campbell Patterson.

The works in the exhibition can be viewed by appointment, either by posting a comment on this site, or by contacting Method and Manners Studios directly. Their website is:
Below are a couple of photographs taken by Erin Forsyth of the works, including mine.

All images Copyright 2017, Aleksandra Petrovic


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