Getting up to Mischief…..

September 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Untitled (The Bookhouse Boys), pen, ink and pencil on paper, 250mm H x 200mm W

A majority of these small-scale drawings arise from fleeting ideas, often based on things observed, heard and random thoughts that have been floating around in my head. The above work s the result from far too many evenings spent watching z-grade horror films, Twin Peaks and recent life-related frustrations. As much as I am wary of presenting my anxieties for others to peruse over, this drawing contains an element of schoolyard mischief which I am rather fond of, so even if the viewer has no idea about my bouts of insomnia and viewing habits, they may be able to gleam another meaning from it.

Which, perhaps, is the overarching aim of all this. And if all else fails, there is the excellent essay The Author by Roland Barthes that I could cite, in which Barthes does a far superior job than I ever could do, of arguing about the discourse between the artists’ intended meaning(s) behind an artwork and the viewer(s) interpretations of the very same work.
The above work will be part of an upcoming exhibition at Method and Manners Studios, based on Upper Queen Street, in Auckland. I wrote about this artist-run, which seeks to foster local talent, in an earlier post when a work was part of of their ‘Kitchen Exhibition’. The exhibition opens on the 23rd October and continues until November 3rd.

Opening hours for the gallery are as follows: Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th October 11am – 3pm, Friday 26th October We Can Create event with access to the exhibition, Saturday 27th October 11am – 3pm, Sunday 28th and Monday 29th October gallery is closed, Tuesday 30th October – Friday 2nd November 11am – 3pm.

On Saturday 3rd November, Method and Manners will host the event Hang Bang, which includes access to the exhibition, live music and entertainment. This exhibition is part of Auckland Art Week, and this concluding event is part of Art Week’s programme. More information about Auckland Art Week, as well as Method and Manners and the exhibition Gang Bang, can be found via the address below:

All images Copyright 2017, Aleksandra Petrovic


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