The Sounds of Summer…..

November 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

The latest project I have been involved in has been for womenswear brand Glassons.

The first part of my involvement was to design the gift card, in keeping with the aesthetics of the brand, as well as the looks and concepts for the fashion being sold in store. The focus of this summer is around fun, embracing the outdoors and the many music festivals that are on offer. Using a number of images that had been sitting in a folder on my laptop of people dancing as inspiration, I created an illustration about an imaginary festival populated by an assortment of people in fashionable clothing.

Below is the original illustration as well as the final gift card, which is available to buy here:

The decision to leave the illustration for the gift card monochromatic was largely influenced by the possibility that this very same illustration would be printed onto a limited edition of t-shirts, to be used for promotional purposes. I was incredibly happy that the delicate, yet graphic qualities of the illustration worked perfectly on the simple white tshirt, and tied in the product with the gift card design, as well as the window installation, which I have written about below.

Stylekeeper blog_festival tee

Glassons instagram_Jaime Ridge in tshirt

Katherine Lowe in tshirt

Glassons tshirt_edited_low res

The drawing for the gift card also became the basis for a concept for an artwork for the window of the Glassons flagship store in Newmarket. The store window occupies a great location on the main shopping strip, and its high visibility from far away was a challenge was a great incentive towards creating a memorable concept. Extending the summer festival idea from the gift card illustration, I also created a festival tent as a foreground layer in the window, whose windows offered glimpses of the graphic and brightly coloured clothes on the mannequins, as well as the background wall which was filled with enlarged drawings of the characters dancing.

This is the window artwork, before the mannequins and products were added into the window

The graphic patterns of the clothes were echoed in both the graphic drawing of the tent, as well as the clothing I had drawn in the illustration, and the monochrome of the original drawing highlighted the colour palette of the clothes on display.

Another version of my illustration was used for further window installations in other Glassons stores. The drawing was enlarged and printed to cover the windows, referencing the background illustration of the flagship store, as well as the gift card itself. Below is a photograph of the window on Queen Street, in Auckland.

Queen Street window_cropped_low res

Upon the window artwork being installed; Iwas also interviewed by Beck Wadworth for the Glassons Style Keeper blog. Aside from discussing my work, I also discussed plans for the summer and fashion. The interview can be read in its entirety by following this link:

All images Copyright 2017, Aleksandra Petrovic


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