When Music is the Muse….

August 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

Untitled_Starlight_2003_low res for web

Untitled (Starlight), (2013), pen, ink and pencil on paper, 330mm x 250mm

For my second group exhibition at Uxbridge Gallery in Howick, the brief was to take inspiration from a composition or song, and create an artwork based around an this auditory information. My selection was Starlight, by Benjamin Cleaver, which is richly textured song, whose brevity only hints at the wonders to come from Cleaver. The lyrics speak of isolation and nighttime thoughts and meanderings, but it was the music that struck me as particularly inspiring. The layers of instruments allude to action, and it compelled me to investigate my thoughts around particular hours in the night.

I am rather fond of working at night, and have often mentioned that my practice of toiling over sheets of paper surrounded by vials of ink is a solitary act, seldom witnessed by others. This habit of working at nighttime developed at a young age, when my respite from the noise and bustle of the day was after dark, and has easily progressed into adulthood. I like letting my thoughts wander; I often look out at the sky, even if it is overcast, and let the free association that occurs in an uninhibited mind take over and lead me to my next work. Perhaps it was this affinity that attracted me to the song by Cleaver; and I appreciated the many associations evoked by the instrumental arrangement and overlay of vocals, which soar with ease like another instrument.

Below is the flyer for the exhibition:

When Music's the Muse_low res for web

The exhibition opens on Thursday 22nd August and continues until 6th October.

Below is a photograph of the work installed, courtesy of Julie Zhu Photography.

Exhibition photo 01

More information about the exhibition can be found on the Uxbridge website:


All images Copyright 2017, Aleksandra Petrovic


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