Streets of Laredo. Part One

January 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

A couple of years ago, I posted about working on a t-shirt illustration for Closet, which was run by Dave Gibson. Since then, we had kept in touch, often at the same bars, restaurants and social events, and swapped tales of various projects which were occupying our time. In 2012, Dave, his brother Dan, and wife Sarah, moved to New York. A short time later, they formed a band called Streets of Laredo. Taking inspiration from 1970’s travelling folk bands comprising of family members and close friends, they embarked on playing shows and writing songs. I was incredibly flattered to have been asked to provide them with some material for posters, and later on for the cover art for their two-volume EP.

Below are the covers for Volumes I and II:


Volume I EP cover_low res for web

Volume-II_low res for web

Below are images of the various posters for shows, promoting the covers for EP Volumes I and II.

gig poster 29 Dec 2012

gig poster_7 Jan 2013

gig poster 27 Jan 2013

gig poster_March 2013_facebook

gig poster_6 June 2013

gig poster_11 Oct 2013

gig poster_22 nov 2013 02

gig poster_22 nov 2013

Upon listening to some material, drawings were chosen that fit well with the imagery evoked by the music, as well as my previous knowledge of the band members themselves, and their tastes. I also chose drawings that would not only succeed as a graphic poster, but also create a narrative based around the imagery which could engage passers by.

Posters were pasted around New York, as well as in Auckland, and I have included some images below:

gig poster_promo 06

gig poster_promo 07

gig poster_promo 01

gig poster_promo 02

gig poster_promo 03

gig poster_promo 04

gig poster_promo 05

The New Zealand Herald published a review of Volumes I and II in November 2013, including my cover illustration.

NZ Herald review

All images Copyright 2017, Aleksandra Petrovic


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