Press for exhibitions, projects and artworks, listed in reverse chronological order:

Untitled (Panic), On Paper: Drawings from the Wallace Arts Trust, at the TSB Bank Wallace Arts Trust, 2017


Artsdiary pic_Panic

Art New Zealand, Instagram, for Prepare to Fall in Love, at Papakura Art Gallery:

Art New Zealand_Instagram_with caption

Press Play: Streets of Laredo Volume I & II, New York Times:

Streets of Laredo_New York Times

Prefix Premiere: Streets of Laredo “Lonsdale Line”

Prefix Magazine_low res

Album review: Streets of Laredo, Volume I & II

NZ Herald review

Streets of Laredo premiere the song that’ll soundtrack everything this fall, The A.V. Club

AV Club - Streets of Laredo

Firsties and Faves: Streets of Laredo, VICE

Vice article - Streets of Laredo

Right Here Right Now, Adam Bryce, p. 20

rhrn_instagram_low res for web

Album review: Streets of Laredo, Volume I & II, New Zealand Herald (featuring cover artwork)

NZ Herald review

Creative Talent from the Lands Down Under: Aleksandra Petrovic

Untitled (Once Upon a Time), A Word of Art, 2013

artsdiary picture of artwork_June 2013_for wordpress

Interview with Illustrator Aleksandra Petrovic, Glassons Style Keeper Blog, November 2012

Peppin online magazine, fabric designs, October 2012

Peppin fabric designs, featured in Canvas magazine, NZ Herald, June 17, 2012

BLANK, In House Creative Projects, video by James Anderson, 2012

Brian: The Typographical Error that Brought Early Career Neuroscientists and Artists Together, article on the Do You Mind? exhibition and collaboration, PLoS Biology, 2012



Peppin online magazine, fabric designs, 2012



Peppin Boutique Artwork, Mama Likes This blog, 2011

Something’s Gotten Hold of My Heart, Elam Grad Show, 2011

Elam Graduate Work, ISBN # 9771175353000, 2011


Animal Incarnations, exhibition publication, ISBN # 9780473194437, 2011


Puppet Show, drawing used for Auckland Fringe Festival 2011, displayed in ADSHEL stops throughout the Auckland Region, 2011


Draw IV, Radio New Zealand Arts on Sunday, 2010

Draw IV, exhibition publication, The High Seas, 2010


Do You Mind?, artists response to exhibition and collaboration, video made by The Busy Nice, 2010

Do You Mind?, Radio New Zealand, Arts on Sunday, 2010

Do You Mind?, Centre for Brain Research Newsletter, 2010:


Do You Mind?, TV3 Nightline, interview with participating artist Henrietta Harris and featuring artwork from the exhibition, 2010:

Off With Her Head, exhibition review written by Melanie Roger, 2009:

Panic on the Streets of Newton, 3 News online, article written by Sarah Murray, 2009:

The Little Boys and the Sun Cheaters, Art Editorial in collaboration with Cassius Eyewear, Pilot Magazine, 2008 – 2009



Britomart Scenezine, Summer 2008 – 2009:


In Dark Corners, window installation in Stanbeth House, Rob Garrett website, 2008 – 2009:

Bare Rock and Backbones, Britomart East hoardings public art project, Rob Garrett website, 2008:

By any means and by all accounts and in all events at any cost, Elam Graduate Catalogue, ISBN # 9780473135164, 2007

Threaded Magazine, Issue 4, 2007:


All images Copyright 2017, Aleksandra Petrovic


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