Welcome! This blog documents projects, commissions, exhibitions and artworks that have been occupying my time since completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2007, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Arts in 2011.

Please click on the orange lettering to view the most recent news on exhibitions, commissions and projects; with older posts located below.

The left had menu contains galleries of artworks, exhibitions, commercial work and portfolios of work.

All images Copyright 2017, Aleksandra Petrovic


§ 3 Responses to Welcome

  • Dunja Randjelovic says:

    Ako znas ko sam javi se…=)

  • Jelena Demic says:

    Draga moja Aco, volim da pratim tvoj sajt i veoma me raduje da si tako uspesna! Zelim ti svaku srecu i uspeh u daljem radu.
    Puno te voli tvoja tetka.

  • Sait Akkirman says:

    Hello Aleksandra, an Artsdiary photograph correctly credited/used on your Press page, also appears on “Once Upon a Time” page credited to Grace Hood-Edwards Photography. Could you please correct that send send me a link when it is done. Thanks, Sait

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